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Heronstone Engineering


Harlech Tools specializes in the manufacturing of high precision engineered components for almost all branches of industry. Continually updating machining capabilities to maintain accuracy, quality, production efficiency and cost effectiveness, and to keep pace with the increasingly more stringent requirements of modern technology.

In line with this policy, the company has invested in the latest CNC precision machines and electronic inspection equipment to ensure that it is able to guarantee that all contracts are delivered on schedule, at the right price, and to the highest standard.

Heronstones workshops and tool-rooms were in need of improved lighting, we were continually spending money on replacement Florescent tubes. This was proving to be costly as the access was very difficult due to heavy CNC machinery below them.

We decided to call in Led Euro as they were able to hand hold us through a Carbon Trust application.

David Dean there lighting specialist assisted us with the application. The application proved to be successful saving us time and money. The whole process took less than four weeks to complete from beginning to end.

We decided to go ahead with Led Euro to supply our fittings. Once we gave the them the go ahead the lights arrived within a few days.

The result is amazing we changed our fittings “like for like”  the results has raised the Lux levels from just over 100 lux to 250 lux.  This has doubled the available light.

The real benefit was our electric bills have dropped by over 50% on the lighting.

Stephen Watkins MD



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